Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain development services enhance the capabilities of business applications with a variety of tools and technologies for developing secured solutions.


What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a uniquely distributed record that saves data and verifies its integrity. Commonly referred to as DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), blockchain makes the past record of any digital asset transparent and unalterable by availing decentralization and cryptographic hashing. A shared digital history is vital as the digital transactions and assets are easily copied or duplicated.

The main idea behind Blockchain technology is to allow people, share valuable information in a secure manner.

Why do you need Blockchain for your business?

Blockchain, a game-changer for many business verticals, is an assembling approach that aids in comprehending the world in a better way

  • Maintains Transparency

    Blockchain maintains transparency in every arena where money laundering can be tracked.

  • Digital Transformation

    Digitally transforms the manner you send, receive, and trade digital currencies.

  • Safe and Distributed

    Blockchain is Cryptographically safe, plus distributed and shared, plus it supports P2P global transactions.

  • Dynamic Future

    Blockchain coupled with AI and ML will make the future dynamic.

Blockchain Development Services

Expansion of an online currency exchange office’s functionalities including dedicated panels for users, administrators, and traders.


Open Chain

It is an open-source ledger technology (Blockchain-based) that offers unified APIs for the development to build smart contracts. Open chain is best for generating and supplying personal digital assets in a safe and decentralized way.


Smart Contract

A self-enforcing agreement that is inserted in the computer code and managed by blockchain. This technique is meant for the simple agreements between two parties. Epic-Tech generates a self-executing and reliable smart contract for securing your transactions and providing an insightful audit of the present contracts.


Cryptocurrency Wallet

It is an application that permits users to store and fetch their digital assets for making transactions. A cryptocurrency wallet is utilized for controlling the way users send and recieve the payments without relying on third-party applications.


Ethereum Apps

Availing Ethereum apps, Epic-Tech delivers highly secured and distributed architectured applications, as per the business requirements. Ethereum, based on blockchain technology, is an open-source platform that uses Solidity (programing language) for writing smart contracts.


Hyperledger Development

Epic-Tech avails Hyperledger development services for building highly secured and private Blockchain projects. It provides the stakeholders, protection of critical data and digital keys. Hyperledger offers a new generation of transactional solutions that establishes transparency and accountability.


Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency projects deal with the cryptocurrency exchanged with other currencies using the blockchain technology. The platform is utilized for the privacy and security of data blocks transacted in some milliseconds.

Blockchain Development Process

Epic-Tech is known for giving the imagination a face. The 200+ expert developers follow a process to create solutions catering to the client requirements.

  • Consulting

    Epic-Tech will assist in estimating the potential of blockchain for your company. We will do the research, project assessment, platform analysis, and prioritize the right toolkit for the development.

  • Technical Designs

    Epic-Tech believes in delivering highly precise designs and ensures a seamless user experience. The created technical design contains the blueprint of the system, technical components definition, database designs, and user stories.

  • Blockchain Development

    Right from ideation, design to the final deploying stage, our blockchain developers are there for the clients in crafting a successful development journey.

  • Deployment

    Have access to the platform at the right stage. Our development team deploys the solution on-premise or on the cloud.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Epic-Tech maintains and provides support for the management of new OS releases. Also, our support team is there to help you at any stage, whenever required.

  • Migration & Updation

    We will aid you in moving your existing project to the blockchain. We will aid in the creation of a roadmap for testing, migration, and updating, as Epic-Tech believes in no downtime.


Blockchain Development Solutions for different Industries

Epic-Tech caters to a wide range of industries serving a global clientele. Our team holds expertise in understanding the requirements and deliver feature-rich qualitative solutions.

  • Healthcare

  • Finance

  • Retail

  • Law

  • Energy

  • Government

  • Automobile

  • Real Estate

  • Supply Chain

  • Entertainment

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Our SDLC goes through the following stages:

  • Discovery
  • Architecture
  • UI/ UX design
  • Solution development
  • QA and testing
  • Intermediate release
  • Solution deployment
  • Post-launch support

Our team of qualitative analysts performs different kinds of automated and manual testing for spotting any errors that the software may have. Only after getting a clear card from their side, we offer the application to our clients.

Our team of qualitative analysts performs different kinds of automated and manual testing for spotting any errors that the software may have. Only after getting a clear card from their side, we offer the application to our clients.

Not at all, you certainly don’t have to be a software development expert. Our team, at Epic-Tech, is experienced at dealing with all sorts of clients be they are technically sound or not. Just tell us your needs and we will deliver the solution.

Epic-Tech signs an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which protects your provided information and maintains confidentiality.

Yes, we provide the SRS documentation to our clients. The doc. covers all the necessary elements specifying the details of a project.